Park Info

Park Rules And Regulation

These rules are Tenant’s obligations whilst they occupy a site at Black Rock Tourist Park, South Hedland. (hereinafter referred to as The Park).

These rules are necessary to ensure that every Tenant has the quiet enjoyment of the Park.

These rules must be followed at all the times. The Park is not liable for any injury, loss or damage to you, your vehicle(s) or your property and in making a booking with us you free and relieve the Park of any claim arising out of this booking.

  1. The Park enters into a contract with you when the park confirm your booking
  2. A booking deposit required is equal to one nights fee
  3. Bookings are not transferable.
  1. If you wish to cancel your booking, notice must be given to the address on your booking confirmation.
  2. Cancellation with a notification of greater than 14 days prior to arrival will result in the forfeiture of the full booking deposit paid.
  3. Cancellation with a notification of less than 14 daysprior to arrival will result in the forfeiture of the full fees payable.
  4. Cheque payments will notbe accepted as payment for a booking deposit or fees if less than 14 days prior to arrival.
  5. The failure of your vehicle to make it to our park is not our responsibility & will incur the full cancellation fee.
  6. Poor weather is not our responsibility & will incur the full cancellation fee.

A booking is only cancelled when you receive our confirmation of your cancellation by letter or email. If you do not receive this, you cannot consider your booking cancelled & you will remain liable for all charges under the booking until you are in possession of the confirmation of the cancellation.

  1. Check-in time is between 2:00pm and 7:00pm on the day of arrival.
  2. Check-out time is between 8:00am and 10:00am on the day of departure.
  3. Arrivals and departures outside these times require the approval of the park manager or other authorised employee of the park’s owner providing one days’ notice.
  4. Cabin furniture is to be used appropriately and must remain in the cabin at all times.
  5. An occupant must observe the provisions of every law, agreement or park rule made under any statute, and promptly comply with notices received from and directions given by any statutory or public authority, Park manager or other authorised employee of the park’s owner relating to the site or the use of the site by the occupant.
  6. Park Management reserves the right to remove any occupant(s) and/or their guest(s) from the park giving one hours’ notice if the occupant(s) and/or their guest(s) breach any law, agreement or park The Rules.
  7. Park Management reserves the right to remove any occupant(s) and/or their guest(s) from the park immediately if the occupant(s)and/or their guest(s) are charged by the Police for committing an offence, and will not be permitted to re-enter the tourist park unless accompanied by Police.
  8. An occupant or any other person an occupant invites into the park must vacate all common areas of the park before 11:00 pm.
  9. The park accepts no responsibility for any loss, theft or damage that may occur to an occupants’ personal property whilst staying at the park.
  10. The digging of trenches around tents and caravans is not permitted without the approval of park Management.
  11. The occupant must not erect or display any advertising within the park without the approval of park Management
  12. The occupant or any other person an occupant permits on the site must ensure the site is safe and without risks to health in accordance with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, and to a standard acceptable to park Management.

The park accepts no responsibility for damage to caravans, annexes or personal property retained on the park, or for the damage caused to caravans, annexes or personal property whilst being moved.

  1. A Tenant must not create any loud noise inside the Park without The Park Operator’s prior approval.
  2. Tenants must not make any unnecessary noise after 10:00pm and before 6:00am.

Vehicles with reversing beepers are to be reverse parked if it is intended to move the vehicle outside these hours.

  1. A Tenant is responsible for any of their visitors and the Tenant must ensure that they comply with these rules.
  2. The Park Operators may remove or exclude any visitor who breaches these rules.
  3. All new arrivals and visitors must report to park Management during office hours before entry into the park unless prior arrangement has been made with Park Management.

An occupant or any other person an occupant invites into the park must not: interfere with or permit interference with the reasonable peace, comfort or  privacy of any person lawfully in the park or any neighbor of the park;  interfere with or permit interference with the proper use and enjoyment of the Park by any person lawfully in the park; cause or permit a nuisance to any person lawfully in the park or any neighbor of the park; cause or permit the site to be used for any illegal purpose;  intentionally or negligently cause or permit damage a site or any other part of the park;

    1. Tenants and visitors must adhere to posted speed limits in the Park. (8kph)
    2. Tenant must not park or permit anyone over whom he or she has control (including their visitors) to park a motor vehicle on any part of the Park that is not designated by the park operator as a place for parking that vehicle.
    3. Vehicles are not to be parked on the streets of the Park in a way that obstructs the flow of traffic and access of emergency vehicles.
    4. Any tenant’s or visitor’s vehicles that are not able to be parked within the boundaries of their site are required to park them in the alternate car park area at the front of the office.
    5. All tenants must lodge their vehicle registration numbers with the park office for emergency purposes.
    6. The Park Operators reserve the right to refuse entry to any vehicle that is not road registered and may request proof of road worthiness and registration.
    7. Tenants must ensure that their vehicles remain registered and are maintained in a roadworthy condition during their stay.
    8. Works and repairs of any vehicle are not permitted on sites, unless prior approval is obtained from the Park Operator.

    Designated workshop bays are available for minor works with prior approval from The Park Operator.

      1. All caravans and buses used for the purpose of accommodation or a dwelling must be clean, in a good condition and remain registered.

      The Park operators reserve the right to refuse entry to any caravans or buses that do not meet the above criteria and may request evidence prior to arrival.

  1. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  1. Tenants must keep their sites clean and free of rubbish at all times.
  2. Tenants must use facilities (for example: toilets, sinks, basins, drains, plumbing and Park rubbish bins) in the Park for their proper purpose.
  3. Tenant must get the Park Operator’s consent before the Tenant does anything that affects the quality and standard of the Park and its presentation.
  4. Tenants may only prepare or cook food in areas installed for that purpose.
  5. Tenants must not do anything in the Park that is likely to be dangerous to anyone.
  6. Tenants must not display any material or signage within the Park that may be considered offensive, inflammatory or indecent to the general public.
  7. Tenants must not store or use explosive or corrosive substances in the Park.
  8. Tenants must not use the park Operator’s property for any purpose other than for the purpose it was built or deposit in the Park Operators property any rubbish or unsuitable substances.
  9. Hand basins and laundry tubs in amenities blocks must not be used for washing cooking utensils.
  10. The occupant must ensure that all garbage and waste is securely wrapped and placed in bins intended for that purpose.
  11. No fences are permittedto be erected along site boundaries or across any fire corridor.
  12. Clothes lines must be retractable or foldable, and must be retracted or folded when not in use.
  13. Tenants must not store any goods or vehicles outside the area of the premises rented by the Tenant unless permission is obtained from the Park Operator.
  14. The occupant must not store any materials or equipment beneath the caravan or annex floors.

The Park’s usual office hours are:

  1. .        Monday to Friday – 7:00am to 12:00 noon and 1:00pm to 7:00pm; and
  2. Weekends – 8:00am to 12:00 noon and 1:00pm to 6:00pm.
  1. Consumption of alcohol is not permitted in the pool area.
  2. No glass or any other potential dangerous items are allowed to be brought into the pool area.
  3. Children must be supervised at all times in the pool area.
  1. The Park Operator is responsible for the maintenance and up keep of all communally used areas of the Park.
  2. A maintenance reporting system is available in the Office. Tenants should report any maintenance issues to the office.

An occupant must not enter amenities block when closed for cleaning or maintenance.

  1. Tenants must comply with the Park Operator’s reasonable requirements For fire and Electrical safety.
  2. Tenant must make sure that it is fully aware of all safety and emergency procedures.
  3. If there is, or may be, anything that is a risk or danger (for example: fire, cyclone a bomb threat, riot, liquid spill, leak or any other similar thing) Tenants must immediately obey any instructions given by the Park Operator, including leaving the Park.
  4. Tenants must obey the instructions of the Police or the Fire Brigade or Emergency Authority.
  5. Tenants must not re-enter the Park unless the Park Operator or the Police or Fire Brigade or other appropriate Authority advises the Tenants that it is safe to do so.
  6. Tenants on or near sites with emergency services (Hydrants, gates or Fire hose reels) must ensure that access is available to these services at all times and emergency services have unrestricted access.
    1. Tenants on en-suited sites must comply with the Park Operators reasonable request for access to en-suites for the purpose of maintenance and repair, safety inspections and emergency procedures.

    In the case of maintenance works or safety inspections, a written notice will be given to the tenant at least 24 hours prior to the request for access, unless at the request of the tenant.

  1. Tenants must comply with and adhere to, all directions from the Park Operators and Management and the Fire and Emergency Services Authority (FESA), including all clean up and evacuation orders during cyclone season.
    1. The Park Operators will consider any request to erect a Temporary Shade Structure prior to its erection provided the proposed structure meets the following basic criteria:
    2. does not detract from the amenity of the park;
    3. can be readily disassembled in the case of a cyclone or storm event;

    iii.       not positively fixed/ attached to any other structure or vehicle;

    1. pinned or pegged to the ground so they do not blow over in times of high winds;
    2. do not encroach within one metre of service roads and structures on other sites;
    3. the structures are light weight in nature & the size of the proposed shade structure is to be limited to 16 square metres (4m x 4m) unless otherwise approved by The Park Operator;

    vii.       the structure is to be removed by the site occupier if requested to do so by the Park Operator;

    viii.       structure is to be kept in good condition;

    ix.         The use of second hand material needs to be approved by The Park Operator prior to being erected.

  1. The Park Operators reserve the right to refuse the erection of temporary shade structure in the Park.

Any structure erected without approval from the Park Operator is to be removed upon request and this request may extend to previously approved structures that are no longer complying with the above criteria or are considered unsafe by the Management of the Park.

The use and installation of satellite dishes must meet the following criteria.

  1.  No structure is to be installed or erected within one meter of a service road and/ or where the structure could possibly blind the vision of a pedestrian or motorist driving through the park.

The structure will not detract from the overall appearance of the Park.

  1. The Tenant must obtain the prior written approval of the Park Operator before installing and using a satellite dish.
  2. No satellite dish is to be mounted to Park cabins.
  3. No penetrations are to be made to the Park Cabins.
  1. BBQ’s must only be operated in the open air to assist with the dispersal of gas/ smoke and possible spread of fire.
  2. Tenant must not use portable BBQ’s in annexes or any other enclosed areas.
  3. The disposal of empty gas bottles is not permitted in general rubbish bins.
  4. A designated area, located at the workshop shed, has been marked for the disposal of empty gas bottles.
  1. Pot plants should not be located within one metre of a service road as they may blind vision of motorist(s) and pedestrians.
  2. Pot plants are also required to be stored away in the event of a cyclone/ warning or advice from FESA.
  3. Grass within site boundaries must be cut to the reasonable satisfaction of the park Management; and  established gardens on the site must be maintained; however, the occupant must not prune trees, prune shrubs or construct a garden on the site without the approval of park Management.
    1. The use of private washing machines and/ or electric clothes dryers is not permitted.

Adequate facilities are provided in communal laundries and en-suites.

    1. The installation and operation of air conditioners in annexes is not allowed.
    1. Overflow parking is available at the front office of the Office area. Please contact the Office if you require usage of extra area.
    1. The use of gas bottles above 9kg is not permitted.
    2. Empty gas bottles & old batteries must be disposed of responsibly.
    3. A designated dump point is at the workshop shelter area.
    4. If you require further assistance please contact the Office.
    1. Boom gate pin numbers and/or keys are not to be given, lent or disclosed to anyone other than the authorized user(s).
    2. If you do so any vehicles other than registered tenants vehicles found in the park, will be towed and by breaching this agreement your tenancy may be terminated.
    1. All electrical leads must be of a commercial or industrial grade.
    2. Domestic leads are not permitted for external use.
    3. Where able all leads must be off the ground and/or clearly visible.
    4. If it is required to use more than one power lead in a chain, external weather proof covers must be used.
      1. The occupant must turn off water supply when the site is not in use.
      2. Site Irrigation time is 10 minutes a day only
      3. Tenants are only allowed to irrigate on odd days.

      The Park is committed to maintain Water Efficiency Management Plan from the Water Corporation WA, for more information’s please visit:

If a Tenant breaches the Rules the Park Operator may use this as grounds to Terminate their stay/tenancy at the Park.